Thanks to my experience as a wedding planner I am able to provide you help and support in the organization of your wedding. From planning to design, from coordination to support, everything is designed to create a unique wedding in Bari and Apulia.


This is a first meeting, where the spouses will tell me their story and where they may obtain all the information about the organization of the wedding. In this first approach I will provide you an overview of services offered and all the priorities will be defined for the creation of a unique and personalized project. Simple questions will be asked to help me understand the style of the wedding and the most appropriate type of location in connection with the mood of the ceremony. Another fundamental element is the period in which the event will take place: If this is held, for example, in summer you can expect a wedding on the beach, if you prefer a winter wedding the mood could be wedding in the forest.
The budget is another important point to deal with the couple: depending on your means, we can plan a project. Then, you can calmly choose whether to rely on my event planning.


After listening attentively to the spouses, I will create a graphic realization of the event project, a sketch to show them the scenarios, style and locations of their wedding. It is of crucial importance to start from the locations, such as the church and the banquet hall: I can create a complete set-up based on the architectural plans of these buildings, considering budget and style of the event.
The competences and abilities of the various participants involved, such as, floral designers, graphic designers and interior designers, will need to work in line with the presented design, to give uniformity and harmony to the image of the whole event.
Each element shall reflect the identity of the project, from stationery to the centrepiece, from wedding cake to wedding favours, all the decorations will be studied down to the last detail and made with creativity. The result will be an exclusive and tailored set-up, a real “wedding design” difficult to imitate because it will be the image reflecting the unique and special love of each couple.


My job consists in planning and coordinating all wedding steps: from the first moment when the bride and groom arrive in my living room to talk about their big event, until the end of the wedding reception with the wedding favours distribution.
It starts from the choice of the locations, to proceed with the theme of the event; next step is the definition of all the suppliers, of wedding stationery, of the wedding reception menu and so on. All the technical aspects concerning the contracts, the budget control, the preparation and the coordination during the big day, will be my main task.
I will be a trusted advisor when it is necessary to make important decisions that, thanks to my decades of experience, will be the result of reflection and knowledge in the field. The result will be a tailor-made wedding on the needs of the bride and groom. Relying on a wedding planner you will save stress and time, with the certainty that you have chosen the best suppliers without risk of inconvenience, so that you may enjoy every moment.


Wedding is like a good movie with a happy ending and as every cinematic masterpiece everything has to be in harmony, from catering to photography, from location to scenography. The unexpected is always around the corner, especially during an important event.
When couples do not have professional support in the organization, even a small hitch can turn into a moment of panic. That is the reason why I created my Wedding Day Coordinator for those couples who have already chosen suppliers and every aspect of their wedding. It is only in the moment of celebration and reception that my figure steps in.
I will coordinate the suppliers in the church to realize the arrangements as chosen by the spouses until their exit from the church. At the moment of the wedding reception, I will coordinate timing and I will arrange flowers, tableau de marriage and sweet corner to cut the cake.

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